Our 25th Anniversary Celebration: A Night to Remember

The night of December 9th was rocking for our 25th Anniversary Celebration at The Society Room of Hartford.  A packed ballroom of past and present friends, clients, colleagues, suppliers, and families came to celebrate Event Resources’  milestone anniversary and to honor building an enviable and thriving business over the past 25 years.

The night was aglow inside The Society Room of Hartford

for Event Resources’ 25th Anniversary Celebration.


The evening kicked off with a video timeline that captured how times and technology have changed since 1989, followed by a celebratory program with East Hartford’s Mayor Marcia Leclerc presenting a proclamation to Event Resources for outstanding contributions to the community.

A special salute to Event Resources’ 25 year history was showcased through a custom video created especially for the occasion by Lee Simmons, Event Resources’ Client Relationship Manager.  The video featured special events produced as far back as 1989, shout outs from clients, vendors and friends, and an introduction of our employees.

East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc presented

Arnold and Ed with a proclamation to

commemorate the 25th Anniversary and thank them

for their leadershipand contributions to the community.

(From left: Ed Woodward, Mayor Leclerc and Arnold Berman)


To cap off the program, both Arnold and Ed spoke about how Hartford’s First Night in 1989 was Event Resources’ first big gig and began to put the company on the map.

Said Arnold, “Event Resources’ very first gig was First Night in 1989 when the Hartford Downtown Council called me to see if I was available. I told them I’d check my schedule and get back to them. I called them back pretty quickly.”

“Back in 1989 Brad Snow of then “Snow Sound” called me to work with his team on First Night, but I heard that there was a new company headed by a guy named Arnold Berman who was looking for someone to assist with managing the event and I went in that direction.” said Ed.

And so Event Resources began.  Arnold and Ed recalled their experiences over the past 25 years and were quick to recognize that many employees, clients, suppliers, and family members were instrumental in making Event Resources as a first class event production company.  Afterwards, long time employees Brendon Woodward, Swain Wallace, and AJ Judge presented two handmade custom glass sculptures to Arnold and Ed that were gifts from the employees.

One of two custom glass sculptures presented

to Arnold Berman and Ed Woodward

from all the employees at Event Resources.


But that was just the beginning!  With a background of a soulful live saxophone and keyboard music from Doug Jones Jazz and special lighting effects, close to two hundred guests enjoyed savory and artistically presented food from The Society Room Chefs, left personal greetings on message boards, and perused the cocktail tabletops featuring photos of the past 25 years of events such as the original First Night Hartford, Band Slam, 20 years of The Connecticut Forum, Filenes fashion shows, Hartford Hospital’s “Black and Red”, Saint Francis Hospital’s “Miracles”, MetroHartford Alliance’s Business Conferences, and dozens more.

Our special friends from Westminster School

joined the celebration.

(From left, Ken Mason, Thea Leach,

Alan Brooks, and Maggie Pinney.)


MetroHartford Alliance commemorated the occasion

with a group photo. (Top Left: Meredith Gazdzinski,

Mia  Przybyla-Irons, Laura Dinan

Bottom Left: Becky Nolan and Susan Winkler.)


Capturing all the special moments of the ceremony and festivities was Jennifier Fiereck Photography. Along with her assistant Andrea, a step-and-repeat backdrop provided by Sign Center was set up for formal (and not so formal!) portraits which were a huge hit with the guests. As testimony to how Event Resources has forged close relationships, clients requested photos taken with their Event Resources setup crew to hang in their office.

“This is just like a wedding”, commented AJ Judge.  “There are people here I haven’t seen in years and I just can’t get to talk to everyone I want to.”

The best parties are ones where the guests just don’t want to leave, and this one was no exception.  Reluctantly, the last guests left over an hour after the bar shut down, saying goodbye to the past and hello to the next 25 years at Event Resources.

This is just a snapshot of what happened on December 9th, with many more photos and videos to follow on our website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.  Many thanks to Jessica Correira, Jane Dimartin, and the rest of the team from The Society Room of Hartford for their outstanding advice and coordination in planning our special event.

From the entire team at Event Resources, we thank you for your business, partnership and most importantly, your friendship. We look forward to producing more successful events for our clients and colleagues and wish you the happiest of holidays and a very Happy New Year!

View the videos here!

Event Resources – 25 Years

The World, Connecticut and Event Resources, a Timeline of the Past 25th Years


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