Promoting Your Guest Speaker or Honoree to Maximize Exposure

Here are seven ideas on how to create content about your guest speaker for Facebook, a blog, and other mediums to maximize the exposure your organization receives via the relationship.

1.    State the obvious:

Tell us about him. Who is he?  Why is he important to your organization?   What has he done that’s so special?

2.    Recall memories:

Ask people to share their favorite recollection of the honoree.  For instance, at an event earlier this year, the honoree was well-known to members of the school as a former administrator.  Some tales are made for sharing.

3.    Share the guest list:

Who is coming to watch the honoree receive his award?  Highlight them.  “We received an RSVP from Bill’s first secretary, rumored to have prepared him for the firm presidency role.  We’ve heard she’s feisty, and we’re thinking of handing her a microphone that night.”

4.    Ask for gift ideas:

Stumped on a plaque inscription?  Wondering if you should present him something in addition to handing him a certificate for his wall?  Share your dilemma and ask followers to make suggestions on what they think would be a good thank you gift.

5.    Interview:

Shoot a preview with the honoree over Skype.  Ask him a few questions in a mini-interview format.  Make the questions fun, so others get to know him as a person.  “If you could vacation anywhere, you’d visit …“

6.    Throwback Thursday:

Post a photo of a younger version of the honoree.  Ask if anyone can identify him.

7.    Blast from the past:

If you have an honoree every year, share a special moment involving your honoree from last year’s event.  Do you show a video?  These posts will help prep your guests as to what makes your evening special.




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