What NOT to Wear….. on Camera

Many events have presenters who are projected to the audience via huge I-MAG screens or smaller monitors throughout the room. Either way, presenters should be conscious of what they are wearing “in front of the camera”.

Dressing for the camera is different from dressing “in-person”. Even though at an event you’re doing both, here’s some simple tips on what and what not to wear in front of live camera. The key is to be comfortable and not have anything that distracts from your face. If in doubt, check out what the national news anchors wear, such as the team at Good Morning America or Al Roker (below).

Women should dress simply:

  • Solid colored clothes (navy blue, grays, purples, dark creams, browns and neutral colored suits)
  • Blouses in jewel tones that will enhance your skin tone
  • Natural fabrics that breathe
  • Scarves with subtle patterns
  • Simple jewelry
  • Comfortable, low heels
  • Hairstyles that are off the face
  • Brown tones of lipstick to match your blush and clothes

Stay away from:

  • White, bright yellow, red or black suits
  • White blouses
  • Shiny fabrics
  • Complicated patterns
  • Sleeveless or short sleeves without a jacket
  • Large jewelry or dangling jewelry
  • Heavy fabrics

Al Roker gets it right. The best combination for men is a light blue dress shirt with a pastel tie and a natural tone coat.


Men should dress in:

  • Solid colored clothes
  • Suits in blue/dark blue, gray, brown
  • Shirts in blue, gray, pink or beige
  • Natural fabrics that breathe
  • Medium colored handkerchiefs
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Knee length socks

Men should avoid:

  • White, yellow and black shirts
  • Black suits
  • White, yellow, red handkerchiefs
  • Shirts with pinstripes
  • Complicated patterns (checks, stripes, plaids)
  • Neckties with tight patterns, polka dots and plaid
  • Short sleeves
  • Shiny jewelry and metal tie clips
  • Heavy fabrics
  • Vests

Men should also bring a small bag for their wallet, cell phone, change, comb, etc. so those items can be conveniently held off stage. And, just to be safe, men should prepare to shave again if on camera later in the day when five o’clock shadow may set in. Bring extra clothes just in case there are any last minute background changes or the host is wearing the same colors.

Lastly, relax and smile. After all, you’re the expert in your field!


Source: http://www.nacubo.org/Distance_Learning/Speakers_Corner/What_To_Wear_On_Camera.html





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