When do I need a stage and how big should it be?

Quite simply, risers or a stage are needed when the audience must see what’s going on: a presenter, panel discussion, singer, band, etc. If the audience can’t see they won’t pay attention, and the program starts to unravel.

How big should the stage be?  Look at two factors:  the length and width of the stage in proportion to the size of the room, and the height to accommodate the people on stage as well as their distance from the audience.

Use a higher stage if the presenters are seated or the audience is standing.
Use a lower stage if the presenters are standing, or the audience is seated.

In addition, the further away the audience is seated from the stage, the higher it needs to be.  Here is a standard guideline:

Up to 100 Attendees          8” – 16” high
100 – 300 Attendees        16” – 24” high
300 – 500 Attendees        24” – 32″ high
500+ Attendees                36” – 48” high

For additional information on stages, download our free “How To Guide” on stages.

Or call us (860-528-1343) and we can help you determine exactly what size and height of a stage you really need for a “Worry Free” event.


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