When do you really need a DJ?

Music is an important part of every event. Two music options are live music or DJs.  DJs can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the length of time you need them and their experience.   However, in many instances, your special event may not even need a DJ, saving you a significant amount of money.   How do you decide if you need a professional DJ or not? Here are some points to consider.

You do need a DJ when:

  • You need an emcee that has a big personality to get the crowd going.
  • It’s a long event with different crowds to entertain: families in the morning, teens in the afternoon, and adults in the evening. A good DJ will read the crowd and know what kind of music to play and when.
  • A selection of thousands of songs is ready at a moment’s notice.
  • Your guests will make spontaneous requests.  The DJ should not only have a large song selection available, but know when to best include requests in the playlist.

On the flip side, there are many times when you don’t need a DJ.   This can save $$ in the budget and still be professional.  Just make sure you have a high quality sound system and you’re ready to go.

You don’t need a DJ when:

  • You only require background music.  Ask your event planner to create a playlist of instrumental music.
  • You know what music your guests prefer.  If you know the music genre you’d like to play, just tell your event production house to create a playlist, or use your i-Tunes account and create one of your own.

The most important quality of any music is the sound. Clear, balanced background music is only achieved with a professional sound system, as opposed to blaring out dance tunes for a late night dance crowd from a corner of the room.

If you’re still not sure which way to go, feel free to give me a call. We can run through the pros and cons of using a DJ for your special event as well as how to incorporate a quality sound system.


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