You Put The Dance Floor Where?

Anyone who’s ever been to an event with dancing knows that the dance floor is typically front and center in the room, directly in front of the stage. It’s the standard set up so people can immediately get the party going by easily entering the dancing area.

Here’s another school of thought for events that include not only dancing, but speakers, awards, formal programs, you get the idea.  For those events, I recommend moving the dance floor to the back of the venue.  Yes, the back.  The front of the room is now reserved for guests to be seated up close to the stage for the best view of the speakers, projection screens and signage.

The dance floor, now located in the back, also gives a lift to those not fortunate to get front row seats. These guests are now close to the dance floor and DJ, which is an unexpected bonus.  At the same time, a bar and high top tables can be set up in the same area, now converting the space into a cocktail lounge.



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